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template<class keytype_t>
bool hash_set_misc< keytype_t >::erase ( const keytype_t &  key  )  [inline]

delete a key

Reimplemented in hash_map_misc< keytype_t, valtype_t >.

Definition at line 422 of file stdhash.hh.

References __lh3_hash_base_class< keytype_t >::flags, __lh3_hash_base_class< keytype_t >::n_capacity, and __lh3_hash_base_class< keytype_t >::n_size.

Referenced by hash_map_misc< keytype_t, valtype_t >::erase().

            hashint_t i = __lh3_hash_erase_aux(key, this->n_capacity, this->keys, this->flags);
            if (i != this->n_capacity) {
                  return true;
            } else return false;

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