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__lh3_hash_val_iterator< keytype_t, valtype_t > Class Template Reference

#include <stdhash.hh>

Inheritance diagram for __lh3_hash_val_iterator< keytype_t, valtype_t >:

__lh3_hash_base_iterator< keytype_t >

List of all members.

Detailed Description

template<class keytype_t, class valtype_t>
class __lh3_hash_val_iterator< keytype_t, valtype_t >

"iterator" class for "hash_map_char" and "hash_map_misc"

Definition at line 269 of file stdhash.hh.

Public Member Functions

 __lh3_hash_val_iterator (hashint_t _i, keytype_t *_keys, __lh3_flag_t *_flags, valtype_t *_vals)
bool isfilled ()
const keytype_t & key ()
const keytype_t & operator & ()
bool operator!= (const __lh3_hash_base_iterator &iter)
valtype_t & operator* ()
bool operator+ ()
void operator++ (int)
void operator++ ()
void operator-- (int)
void operator-- ()
bool operator< (const __lh3_hash_base_iterator &iter)
bool operator== (const __lh3_hash_base_iterator &iter)
bool operator> (const __lh3_hash_base_iterator &iter)
void value (const valtype_t &v)
const valtype_t & value ()

Protected Attributes

__lh3_flag_t * flags
hashint_t i
keytype_t * keys
valtype_t * vals

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